Elegoo comes from the word electronic, which means open-source electronic. GOO comes from the word googol, meaning the 100th power of 10. The written form is 1 followed by 100 zeros, referring to the huge amount of structural models brought by 3D printers.

Elegoo implies the combination of open-source electronics and structures that creates everything.

About brand vision/mission: Create the future, interpreted as “With the help of programming and 3D printing technology, we can create almost anything—Elegoo provides geeks with the key to a new world.”


In 2015, Chris Hong founded Elegoo, dedicated to providing the world’s makers with truly practical kits of electronic and structural tools that students, enthusiasts, and veteran geeks could find needed at their stages. Chris Hong, who had set foot in the field of STEM during his college days, believes that the application of STEM is actually ubiquitous. For example, most sorting work in China’s express industry is done by intelligent robots, including restaurants’ food delivery robots, UAV technology, etc., all of which are supported by STEM technology.



However, there were two major problems with open-source electronics at that time. First, STEM education was not universal enough for most people, and too many beginners did not have appropriate technical tools. Second, most enterprises and makers in the STEM industry only focused on the hardware of open-source electronics and did not have tools to create a complete product by combining electronic hardware and structural shells. Therefore, Chris, who had just graduated from university, initiated the idea of starting a business, which would be based in China’s Silicon Valley Shenzhen, and rely on its advantages in sophisticated supply chain and technical talents to allow makers to buy suitable electronic hardware and 3D printers to create everything and anything.


We now sell our products globally across Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, our own e-Shop and many other marketplaces from the US, Canada, Mexico to Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, as well as Japan, UAE, India and Australia. 


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