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ELEGOO Double-End 50cm Jumper Wire With Alligator Clip Test Leads


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ELEGOO Alligator Clip Test Leads or Crocodile clip test leads are likely to be the most useful thing on your workbench. No matter you’re trying to make a few quick connections to test your circuit or having trouble making your multimeter leads stay where you need them, these spring-loaded clips are a must-have for your workshop.

ELEGOO Alligator Clip Test Leads


This 30-pack of alligator clip test leads will come in handy for developing your microcontroller projects, and for many other tasks around your workshop.Utilize them generously when prototyping with your own creations. Works great in the classroom or for DIY projects.

  • Alligator Clip Test Lead can be used in electrical or laboratory electric testing work.
  • With an insulated clip at each end, these test leads provide secure connections for easier testing.
  • Can be used as low voltage jumper leads.
  • Vinyl comfort grip – simple to squeeze, attach and detach

Selection of Multi-Colored Test Leads

Bundled in packs of 10, two each of five colors. Color coded leads allow you to test circuits without crossing wires or causing shorts.

Strong and Grippy

ELEGOO alligator clip test leads always come in handy. They are often used in conjunction with a multimeter, so you don't have to hold the probes in place or for quick prototyping with big-pad circuit boards.

Stable Quality and Great Value

Made with 18 gauge wire and works perfectly with your light electrical applications, electronics,circuit boards, etc and a great value of money for 30 test leads.

Wide Applications

Alligator Clip Test Leads is widely used in DIY electronic projects. Carefully connect the crimped ends to motor terminals, battery holders or circuits to securely conduct electricity.

Package List

  • 6 Pcs Red Alligator Clip Test Leads
  • 6 Pcs Yellow Alligator Clip Test Leads
  • 6 Pcs Green Alligator Clip Test Leads
  • 6 Pcs Black Alligator Clip Test Leads
  • 6 Pcs White Alligator Clip Test Leads