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ELEGOO Jumper Wire Cable Male Female 200 Mm Set Of 50 And 170 Contacts Breadboard


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  • Cable length: 200 mm, suitable for standard breadboards.
  • Pack of 50. Reusable breadboard wire bridge with black connection shoes.
  • You can put several bridges next to each other.
  • The colored bridge bridges are delivered in a plastic box.
  • The 170 contacts breadboard is free of charge.

Elegoo jumper wires for Breadboard.
● The plugs are plugging in and have contact in the breadboard.
● The cables are sorted in 5 colors as shown in the picture.
● 50 M-F jumper wire set
● Delivery Contents: One 170 socket 50 x jumper wires packed in a carton.

  • Length of each wire: 200 mm.
  • These insulated, stable wire bridges are reusable.
  • Jumper set for a great price.
  • The black sleeves are not glued/melted, so you can solder the plug or change it differently.
  • Very practical accessories for Raspberry and Arduino projects.
  • The crimp connections themselves are good and hold tight.

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