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User Support For Neptune Series

Motherboard and machine structure diagram open source file

Neptune 2 & 2D & 2S: Click to download

Neptune 2&2D&2S

1. Neptune 2&2D&2S Firmware Update Notes (*must read*)

2. ZNP Robin Nano V1.2

3. ZNP Robin Nano V1.3

4. Extension- Auto_Leveling

5. Extension- Mesh Bed Leveling

6. Extension- WIFI Module

Neptune X

1. Neptune X Firmware Update Notes (*must read*)

2. Neptune X V1.0

3. Extension- Auto_Leveling

4. Extension- Mesh Bed Leveling

Software Updates: 10/10/2021

1. ELEGOO Cura for MAC: Click to download

2. ELEGOO Cura for Windows: Click to download

Software Tutorials:

1. User’s Guide: Click to view

2. Mac Installation Tutorial: Click to view

3. Online Printing Tutorials: Click to download

User Manual

English Version:

1. Neptune 2 & 2S: Click to view

2. Neptune 2D: Click to view

3. Neptune X: Click to view

Japanese Version:

1. Neptune 2 & 2S: Click to view

2. Neptune X: Click to view

Assembly Tutorial Videos

1. Neptune 2: Click to view

2. Neptune 2S: Click to view

3. Neptune 2D: Click to view

4. Neptune X: Click to view

Accessory Replacement Videos

How to replace the Nozzle Assemnly: Click to view

Test the Gcode File

EN2_The Buddha.gcode: Click to download

Troubleshooting Videos

Base deformation repair method: Click to view